Mr. Mohammad Attiya

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Mr. Mohammad Attiya

Chief Executive Officer


As an active regional player in the technology industry since the early nineties, Attiya is a globally recognized name in the business of technology for financial services. Attiya combines management and sales experience in local and international companies of varying sizes with an almost exclusive industry focus on financial services from 2003, Attiya assumed various executive roles in KnowledgeNet, a regional mission-critical software company until 2011 where he was assigned the CEO role. He also serves as a board member of several leading names in finance and data management, where his vast experience contributes to strengthening the resources of the region. Leveraging his academic background as an alumni of KFUPM and Manchester Business School, as well as his diverse management and sales experience, Attiya demonstrates strong abilities in areas of strategy, product planning, and market penetration. Also, his participation in multi-cultural teams during his career has honed his people leadership skills. His exceptional skills and industry knowledge have seen him sought out as speaker at many leading events and he regularly appears on television programs as an expert in his field.


Under his leadership, KnowledgeNet has shown consistent growth, by focusing its product offering in niche areas and adopting extensible strategies for growth on the medium and long term. Attiya is driving the company to be both the leading regional financial services software provider and the leading regional fintech enabler.